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Elasticsearch director tells us how the magic happens

Leslie Hawthorn is a well known figure in open source and chances are you’ve heard or attended one of her talks. Prior to her talk at the All Things Open conference, coming up in October this year, I asked her a few questions about her passion for open source and community management. In this interview, Leslie discusses big data, Elasticsearch, and more.

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Project Gado: On a mission to digitize and share the world’s visual history

Thomas Smith will be speaking at OSCON 2014 about Project Gado. He has always wanted to be an inventor, and I spoke with him about what it’s like to work as a technology consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this interview, Thomas tells me more about how Project Gado came to life, how the Gado community evolved, and how open source is applied to everything.

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CloudBees programmer on how to develop a massively scalable HTTP server

Garrett Smith from CloudBees has been in software engineering for over twenty years. He got introduced to the Erlang programming language while evaluating CouchDB. Along with Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Erlang, Garrett also learned about Python. It was Python that introduced him to the world of open source, and from there, as he learned more about open source and the dynamics of community-based development, he never looked back.

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It’s better to share with functional programming

Katie Miller is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat for the open source Platform as a Service, OpenShift, and co-founder of the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming. She has a passion for language and linguistics, but also for the open source way. In this interview, Katie shares with me how she moved from journalism to a job in technology. Also, how she got introduced to functional programming, the Haskell programming language, and how open source is part of her daily life.

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Talking open source with Richard Morrell

Meeting Richard Morrel has been in the works for quite some time. Events like the open source conference in Amsterdam and FOSDEM passed by and we kept missing that opportunity. Finally, last April, we met in Amsterdam where Richard interviewed me and recorded this podcast.

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Get started in open source online and offline

What skills do you need and which projects should you participate in as beginner in open source? These are common questions for beginners to open source software, hardware, communities, and methodologies. New folks to open source can start their discovery online and offline. Events and projects of many different kinds will help beginners find what they are good at and allow them to get to know their own skills.