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National Geographic takes open source to the wilderness

A team of National Geographic Explorers set out to the Okavango Delta in the African wilderness to measure water quality, wildlife sightings, and more using open hardware and the Raspberry Pi as well as open source software. They created a portal to share data openly, preserving a piece of African wilderness with the help of open source. In this interview, find out how Shah Selbe got into this kind of conservation work, how he learned about open source and came to use it, and how he applied open source methods to his work on the Okavango Wilderness Project.

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Rediscovering old skills

I am taking part in the Community Moderator Program at A few weeks back, we ran Open Hardware Week. This meant two weeks of dedicated content about Open Hardware, including some interesting articles about Arduino and Raspberry PI. This got me thinking about what I played with as a kid, and what skills I acquired by doing so. Inspired by all of the examples and project for Arduino and Raspberry PI, I took a trip into history and visited my attic to dig up some old toys, and skills.