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OKFestival Berlin, 2014 0

What is open knowledge and how do you spread it?

Beatrice Martini shared the work she does alongside a talented group working to bring openness to the world for Open Knowledge with me earlier this year. This time she tells me what it’s like to bring to fruition an event like OKFestival 2014, organised by Open Knowledge. How does a gathering organized by one organisation (and a small team) reach out to the global ecosystem of open communities? How can participants co-create its message and mission?

Talking open source software and Arduino-powered jackets at Mozilla Festival. London, UK. Photo by Sammy James Dodds. (CC BY 2.0) 1

The daily mission to spread open data at Open Knowledge

Beatrice Martini is the Event Manager at Open Knowledge. With a successful event behind her, the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva (2013), she is now organizing the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin that will take place July 15 – 17. In this interview, she shares with me what a regular day at Open Knowledge looks like, highlights from the Open Knowledge Conference, and what she envisions for the upcoming Open Knowledge Festival.