About Robin Muilwijk

Robin Muilwijk is Open Source Manager at IOHK. He is a community moderator for Opensource.com and an ambassador for The Open Organization channel. Robin is also Chair of the eZ Community Board, and Community Manager at eZ Systems. Robin writes and is active on social media to promote and advocate for open source in our businesses and lives. Follow him on Twitter @i_robin or on LinkedIn. Robin lives in the Netherlands, works in The Hague, and loves Orange.

On this website, Open Source Shed, Robin shares his and others’ knowledge and experiences with open source.

I’ve always liked building things. As a kid I soon discovered my Dad’s tools in our shed. Later on I learned to solder and make my own circuit boards and studied Electronic Engineering. This eventually got me in IT.

About the Shed

At the Open Source Shed, we share open source projects, news, and ideas. Learn more about open source software, hardware, and business methodologies, including topics like open data, open government, open standards, and more.

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